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Polarize = to break up into opposing factions or groupings.

Americans are more polarized than ever and a growing body of research suggests that social media is accelerating the trend. It is tearing our country apart.

“Certain forms of leadership thrive on extreme polarization and divisiveness”. ~ Fathali Moghaddam, PhD, director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science at Georgetown University.

Normal human beings are polarized. They take sides and go to war. They judge and blame others for problems they themselves contribute to and cause. We’re all normal human beings. And we all have the ability to activate the MARVELOUS NORMAL. Instead of taking sides, we center ourselves and search for the Truth behind the polarities.

As we center ourselves - we move beyond the polarities of the 3D world, (beyond our identity as a physical being) and we enter the 4D world of Mind, Consciousness, Awareness. Here, we discover our creative capacities, free ourselves from old habits and live The Marvelous Normal

Each of us is born with a uniquely creative SEED (our unique life purpose) carefully packaged deep inside our HEART. This SEED is our core identity - which is CONSCIOUSNESS. We are CONSCIOUSNESS at our CORE. This CORE connects us with the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE UNIVERSE. 

Question: How do we explore our inner 4D world? Well, we begin by being curious! Curiosity is essential. Ask questions like: Who am I? What is this? Is this all there is? When will this end? Why does this keep happening?

All problems (personal and global) are caused by old habits that no longer work. As we shed our old habits, we come closer to realizing The Marvelous Normal. Remember, the ordinary mind does not tend to understand itself - just as the stomach does not tend to digest itself. We need tools to digest and activate the artist within. We need tools to access our unique creative seed.  Thankfully there are tools! Check out my activities:


  1. My upcoming SUPRA CARGO CLASS will be on zoom, August 21 & 22. It will unveil the Marvelous Normal to help you begin to awaken the artist within you. Learn more and register here:
  2. My upcoming 10-week ONTOLOGY BOOK CLUB will be on zoom this fall 2021 beginning September 18. We will read and discuss the book by Red Hawk, SELF OBSERVATION. Learn more and register here:

My two 10-week Drawing Classes will be on zoom this fall 2021. Learn more and register here:

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