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Awakening the Artist Within: 3 Steps to a New World by Heather C. Williams Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!  Let’s explore 3 steps to SEEING and FEELING a NEW WORLD. When I sit quietly and draw – I enter a new language in my mind – a language…

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Polarize = to break up into opposing factions or groupings. Americans are more polarized than ever and a growing body of research suggests that social media is accelerating the trend. It is tearing our country apart. “Certain forms of leadership thrive on extreme polarization and divisiveness”. ~ Fathali Moghaddam,…

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WHAT MATTERS? By Heather C. Williams, H.W.M. High Watch Mentor in The Prosperos School of Ontology Author of Drawing as a Sacred Activity Today we all are fascinated with technology. Our eyes are almost constantly glued on the latest social media posts, texts, emails, youtube videos, not to mention television…


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