Drawing as a Sacred Activity
by Heather C. Williams
published by New World Library

With a step-by-step approach to personal development in the tradition of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and The Artist’s Way, it teaches not only the technical skills needed to draw but also ways delve into our inner lives for healing and inspiration.

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Table of Contents


Perception: Three Aspects 
Three Different Ways to Draw Out Your Feelings 
Love is Essential 
Learning Differences and Visual Thinking 
Left and Right: Two Ways of Seeing and Thinking 
The Balancing Act 
Mistakes and Accidents: Another View 
Interpreting Your Drawings Lightheartedly 
How to Use This Book


Section One: Pencils & Perception
(Exploring Your Feelings Toward Objects, Nature, and People)

The Adventure of Seeing
Trusting Your Eyes
Why Feeling Is So Important
Looking with Soft Eyes
Basic Directions: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal
Extended Directions: Being Willing
Intersections: Focusing on Essentials
The Visual Key to Drawing What You See
Constellations: Seeing the Pattern
Collisions and Transitions: Flowing with Light and Dark


The Drawing Exercises for Section One:

Doors: Passages in Consciousness
Windows: Your Outlook on Life
Tables: Supporting Your Interests
Chairs: Claiming Your Authority
Clothing and Drapery: Roles to Play
Trees: Being Rooted and Reaching Out
Plants and Flowers: Your Growth and Blossoming
Distant Hills: Broadening Your Perspectives
Animals: Lessons in Unconditional Love
Introduction to Drawing the Human Form
Hands and Feet: Standing Up and Handling Life
Your Own Face: Mirror Work
Another's Face: Suspending Judgment
The Human Form: Seeing with Compassion


Section Two: Crayons & Consciousness
(Exploring Your Emotional Feelings)

Exploring the Interior Landscape 
Emotional Feelings and the Nondominant Hand 
Who Needs to Draw Out Their Feelings? 
Creating a Safe Environment 
Unconditional Love is Available


The Drawing Exercises for Section Two:

The Inner Child Character 
The Mother Character 
My Mother the Mermaid 
The Father Character 
Being Alone 
Accuse and Release 
Safely Expressing Anger 
Emotional Overwhelm 
Intimacy and Power 
Dialogue with Another's Essential Self 
Body Wisdom 
Art is Love 
Releasing Fear 
Letting Go of Shame 
Creative Freedom 
Dissolving Depression 
Creating Money 
Something's Cooking! 
Keeping Thoughts Fresh 
Dreams and Nightmares 
Stick in the Mud 
Navigating the World 
Consulting the Elder Crone/Old Wise Man


Section Three: Ink & Intuition
(Exploring Your Intuitive Feelings)

The Journey of Unfolding Consciousness 
Intuitive Feelings are Seldom Logical 
Change: The Threshold or Liminal Experience 
Victor Turner's Threshold Chart 
Leadership and Liminality 
The Value of Not Knowing


The Drawing Exercises for Section Three:
Taking a Minute 
Stop, Drop, and Feel


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