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Heather C. Williams

Heather C. Williams began drawing early in her life. It was her way to learn about the world around and within her. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Humanities at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh and immediately set off in search of a teacher to “Wake-Up” and learn more about the deeper Self.

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Meet Your Teacher

We're all creative. This is my story.

I began drawing early in my life. It was my way of learning about the world around and within me. My mother’s side of the family greatly valued art. My grandmother was a poet. She included several of my early (age 9) drawings in her book of poetry, titled, “Come With Me’. My grandmother’s sister, Mathilda, was an early Impressionist artist whose paintings were shown in Paris. My mother suffered a severe nervous breakdown at the early age of 19, long before I was born. She used drawing and painting to heal herself. My dad’s side of the family did not express themselves through art but my dad always encouraged me to pursue what I love.

While many people say, they are not creative, I firmly believe that every baby is born with a “Creative Seed” deep within their hearts. You may love music or dance or making things with your hands or drawing or writing poetry. The Creative Seed is invisible. No one can see it, but it is there. You are the one who must nourish the Creative Seed within you and when you do, life opens up.  Every seed (apple, fig, strawberry, pine tree, etc.) needs four things to grow: 1) Sunshine, 2) nutritious soil, 3) air and 4) water. If I tell you to stand in the sun for 5 hours and eat dirt - you’ll know this is a joke - so I’ll employ a metaphor for these four things you must do to grow and blossom the Creative Seed within you. #1) Sunshine = Love yourself and others, #2) Nutritious Soil = Think Critically (get evidence for what you believe is going on) and Think Creatively (be open to the AHA! of learning from your mistakes), #3) Air = Breathe deep, relax and slow down several times a day. And #4) Water = Practice. Practice ten minutes every day whatever creativity you feel is in your heart. You may have great talent but it goes nowhere if you do not practice!

I taught Art and Special Education for 18 years in the Vista Unified School District to middle and high school students. Prior to this I taught drawing and painting to a wide variety of people from university students, teachers and therapists, to jail inmates, people in homeless shelters, people with developmental disabilities, people with AIDS, PTSD, cancer, people in recovery from drugs and alcohol. All people have a story and all people benefit from the opportunity to express their story creatively.

I offer online Drawing Classes every Wednesday in 2024: Learn more:

I offer an online WORK CHAMBER every Friday in 2024: Learn more:

I offer Prosperos classes in 2024: Learn more:

In 1970 I met The Prosperos School of Ontology and in 1978 I became a High Watch Mentor in this school. The Prosperos is a Fourth Way School offering three primary classes: 1) Cosmic Intention Therapy (Learn about your individual responsibility in the evolution of consciousness); 2) Translation (Learn a language tool to uncover the ever-present deeper Truth behind a problem); and 3) Releasing the Hidden Splendour (Learn a tool using your emotions to release the innate good behind a painful memory). Today we really have to WAKE UP and get on board with evolving our understanding of WHO WE ARE and what our purpose is. The Prosperos classes really helped me and I am honored to offer them to you. 



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