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The Prosperos School of Ontology classes were created to help people "Wake-Up", let go of some faulty conditioning and re-identify as Consciousness. Today it is clear that humanity has created a Star Wars technology and yet we remain stuck in a stone-age emotional mentality. Explore a Prosperos class soon! It offers tools that help us think critically and creatively.


About The Prosperos

I learned so much about the creative power available to me in The Prosperos classes. The tools are principled steps for each individual to employ in their own individual way. The premise is learning how to re-identify as Consciousness. And the cool thing is that I learned how to use my personal problems and stories as signals to wake up and explore the patterns of my unconscious mind. When I get a signal (job change, loss of someone or something, health, money or relationship issue, etc.), I practice three steps: One - Relax. Two - BE OK temporarily not knowing what to do. Three - Practice one of the tools (Translation or Releasing the Hidden Splendour) and focus on knowing that back and behind appearances is a fundamental Reality that is Whole, Complete and Perfect. You will learn about the power of your mind in a Prosperos class.

The Prosperos has taught me and thousands of others how to free ourselves from difficult situations by Translating the language of duality/separation back to the language of ONENESS. I believe it is safe to say that our world today is flooded with signals for all of us to do the hard work of Translating old beliefs, prejudices, cultural conditioning, etc. back to Truthful Principles.

The Prosperos tools are here to help you re-identify yourself as Consciousness. Consciousness is what we always are. We are just unconscious and it is time now to become more Conscious of our True Identity as Consciousness.


Prosperos Classes

Thinking as a Sacred Activity

Let's explore three kinds of thinking!

A class with Heather C. Williams, H.W.,M., Ontological Artist

Oil painting    "Call to Wholeness"     36"x72"       by Heather C. Williams

Today is a WAKE-UP CALL for all of us!

Bring pencils and paper - we’ll do some journal writing and imaginative drawing exercises

CLASS: Thinking as a Sacred Activity

DATES: 5 Fridays (Sept 30 to Oct 28)

TIME: One hour each Lesson (9:00 am Pacific/10:00 am Mtn; 11:00 am Central Time/ Noon Eastern

SIGN UP: Email Heather at

More about this class:

Everyone agrees that we each live in a physical body and we pretty much identify ourselves as material beings in a material world that is separate from us. Also we can agree that we each are born with a mind that thinks. Even though we know little about the mind or consciousness, we must admit that we each are creating our personal world through our thoughts, choices and decisions. It’s time we learn more about the mind.

To solve the big problems today we must learn how our thinking creates our world. To do this, let’s explore three very different kinds of thinking: 1) Mechanical Thinking 2) Critical Thinking and 3) Straight thinking in the Abstract. We must understand how these kinds of thinking actually construct our personal/cultural worlds.

Mechanical thinking is related to our habits and patterns. Humanity is at a turning point today. We must wake up to our true identity as Consciousness and free ourselves from mechanical thinking. An ancient way to wake up is to practice self observation. A simple, easy-to-understand book is Self Observation by Red Hawk.  

Critical thinking is at the heart of scientific inquiry. Science makes progress when we find data that contradicts our current scientific ideas. 2,500 years ago Socrates employed critical thinking as a way to question opinions and to search for the Truth. It’s a lot easier to follow a leader or a narrative that aligns with our beliefs, but to solve problems today, we must know how to analyze social media websites, corporate advertisements and governmental, political mandates. 

Straight Thinking in the Abstract is a tool that can help us to think critically using axioms. Axioms or (self-evident truths) connect us with the invisible principles of life. It takes courage, effort and lots of practice for us to face a problem and to see it as a doorway toward creating a safer, kinder, more beautiful world. “Straight thinking in the abstract” is a tool I have practiced for over 50 years now. We’re all passengers on spaceship earth - capable of awakening to our true identity as consciousness.

"We all have an innate desire for freedom of expression. It is in the innermost region of our Being. Repression of this spiritual desire is the basis of human conflict."  ~  Thane, The Philosophy of Ontology.

"Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves." ~ Mahatma Gandhi




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