Ontology is the study of BEING. To study your BEING, you begin with an ancient practice. Krishna called it meditation. Jesus called it witnessing. Mr. Gurdjieff called it self observation. We are reading the book, Self Observation, by Red Hawk. This simple, clear, powerful book offers essential guidance for each individual to begin to take ownership of their own life.

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FALL of 2021

Self Observation, by Red Hawk


10 Fridays - 11:00 am Central time

60 minute Group Discussions

Begin September 18 and end November 20, 2021

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The practice of SELF OBSERVATION is essential for anyone who desires to accomplish, solve or create something. Please consider getting the excellent book, SELF OBSERVATION, by Red Hawk. And - if you are able to also join our book club as well, you will benefit greatly by listening, learning and practicing with others the essential skill of self observation.

What is the SELF? We each are a "self" and we each have a physical human body. We each have a unique point of view. Self Observation is a way to learn more about your unique point of view. It is very important to realize how the outer world is created by the world within us. We all live in TWO WORLDS — the outer tangible world and the inner intangible world.

Anais Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” 

While we focus mostly on the outer world...It is time for us to focus now on the inner world. The INNER WORLD is the formless, invisible, non-material world of MIND: memories, beliefs, thoughts, old family or childhood patterns, traumas, prejudices, fears, addictions, habits, ignorance, learned behaviors and more. The formless inner world is also where you can access your Higher Consciousness — which includes intuition, insights, principles — the ONE ever present, timeless, spaceless TRUTH of the boundless, Infinite Universal Mind, Unconditional LOVE.

“We each must learn to walk back and forth between the 3D world and the 4D world.” ~ Thane Walker, The Prosperos School of Ontology

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