Ontology is the study of BEING.
In the Ontology Book Club we read books that help us study the nature of our very BEINGNESS. It’s deep, warm, inspirational and freeing. Consider joining the Ontology Book Club. 
“We are living at a time when one age is dying and the new age is not yet born. Courage is the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair. Courage is ontological – which means that courage is essential to our very BEING.”  ~ Rollo May, author of The Courage to Create

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Our summer 2021 book

Self Observation, by Red Hawk

10 Fridays - 90 minute Group Discussions
Beginning June 4 and ending August 6, 2021

Learn more and sign up! email me: heather@theprosperos.org

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The practice of SELF OBSERVATION is essential for anyone who desires to accomplish, solve or create something. Please consider getting the excellent book, SELF OBSERVATION, by Red Hawk. And - if you are able to also join our book club as well, you will benefit greatly by listening, learning and practicing with others the essential skill of self observation.

What is the SELF? The SELF is the "I" that I AM. Think about this. We each are a "self" and we each have a physical human body with a physical EYE that looks at and sees the world from our own unique point of view. No one looks through your eyes but you! WE EACH HAVE A COMPLETELY UNIQUE POINT OF VIEW. Self Observation is a way to learn more about your unique point of view in how you view the world around you.

The physical world around you is also called the material world. It is the world of objects, trees, birds, animals, clouds, grasses, other people, houses, computers, pens, pencils, tables, chairs and lots more. It is very important to realize how the outer world is created by the world within us. Anais Nin said: “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

The SELF, the "I AM" - (my EYE) - can also look at the world within me and contemplate my memories, my interpretations of things, my thoughts, hopes, dreams, desires, habits, patterns and lots more. The world within us is our MIND or consciousness. While we focus mostly on the outer world...It is time for us to focus now on the inner world.

The INNER WORLD is the formless, invisible, non-material world of MIND: memories, beliefs, thoughts, old family or childhood patterns, traumas, prejudices, fears, addictions, habits, ignorance, learned behaviors and more. The formless inner world is also where you can access your Higher Consciousness — which includes intuition, insights, principles — the ONE ever present, timeless, spaceless TRUTH of the boundless, Infinite Universal Mind, Unconditional LOVE.

We all live in TWO WORLDS — the outer tangible world and the inner intangible world. Here are three examples from Lao Tzu about how our intangible world relates to and benefits our tangible world.

The wheel: "Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub; it is the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges."

The coffee cup: "We make a vessel from a lump of clay. It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful."

A house: "We make doors and windows for a room but it is these empty spaces that make the room livable." 

“We each must learn to walk back and forth between matter space (the world around us) and mind space (the world within us).” ~ Thane Walker, Founder of The Prosperos School of Ontology said this, and he created tools to help people practice the journey of self awareness. Learn more: www.theprosperos.org/

If you are interested in learning how to walk back and forth between matter space and mind space, I recommend that you get the book, Self Observation, by Red Hawk, and join my Ontology Book Club. Email me: heather@theprosperos.org.


with Heather C. Williams, HWM
Book to read: Self Observation by Red Hawk
10 Fridays - 90 minute Group Discussions
Beginning June 4 and ending August 6, 2021


Self Observation is the ancient WORK of "Knowing Thyself". It begins with curiosity and a kind of searching and wondering WHO AM I? I am not my mother. I am not my father. I am not anyone but me! WHO AM I and what is my purpose for BEING here in this life?

The Teacher, Gurdjieff, tells the Waking Up story like this: Most people live their whole lives completely unaware of their true potential. They are asleep to their True Identity as Consciousness or Awareness and believe themselves to be limited, physical, material beings in a physical, material world that is separate from them. It is as if most humans live in the basement of a 4-story home completely unaware of the 4 stories (higher capacities) that exist above. The basement can be viewed as "sleep". Each of us, to some degree, is asleep to our True Identity. We stumble around in the basement of our consciousness, playing the victim, "poor me"; blaming others for our situation; unaware of our true potential that is just upstairs in our higher consciousness...available to us as we begin to practice THE WORK.


THE WORK requires curiosity. Asking good questions like: Why is this happening? What is causing this problem? Do I have to have another drink, another cookie? And the best and deepest question to ask yourself is: WHO AM I? I learned valuable tools in The Prosperos School of Ontology (see The Prosperos page on this website). (Ontology stands for the science of BEING.) I am a High Watch Mentor in this school, and one cool thing I learned is how to use my personal problems and stories as signals to wake up and explore the patterns of my unconscious mind.

I look forward to sharing the ONTOLOGY BOOK CLUB with you! 

Email me: heather@theprosperos.org.


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