Drawing Classes

Heather offers a wide variety of online classes and in-person drawing classes. See class list below.


Drawing Classes

Drawing as a Sacred Activity

FALL 2022

Self-Discovery thru drawing with Heather C. Williams 

Heather uses drawing as a form of meditation. Her purpose is to provide opportunities for people to draw together the light of the inner world (subjective experience) with the light of the outer world (objective experience) for the purpose of Self Discovery and the unfolding of our True Identity as Consciousness.




There is incredible POWER available to you

as you explore your Inner World of Heartfelt Intuition...and...

...as you activate your CURIOSITY you open up to a new understanding! 

Ten Mondays

September 19 - November 21, 2022

Each class is 60 minutes

REGISTER by email: heather@drawingtogether.com



You will learn a way of seeing that allows you to "abstract" from physical objects the essential information which brings a sense of wholeness to your drawing.

Come activate an ABSTRACT WAY of  Seeing and Drawing

I teach the 5 KEYS of OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING  - which I learned  

during my 5-year Art Apprenticeship with Jan Valentin Saether.

Ten Wednesdays

September 21 - November 23, 2022

Each class is 60 minutes

REGISTER by email: heather@drawingtogether.com


Dear friends,

We are all overwhelmed with the coronavirus, the political divide, the climate crisis and more!
NOW is the time for us all to step back, relax, feel the powerful ground of BEING that is alive in the center of our Heart.
We all must learn to listen, to feel, to observe and to draw out our True Essential Self. 
When you email me with your desire to REGISTER, please tell me which drawing class you would like.
I will send you the class schedule and a clear description of any assignments.
My book, Drawing as a Sacred Activity, is highly recommended.
TIME:  9:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Mtn / 11:00 am Central / Noon Eastern

FEE:  Contribution basis. Use donation link below. Thank you!




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