“Heather has a remarkable talent in the area of drawing. Her drawings and paintings are wonderful opportunities to explore internal processes through representational imagery. She lives what she teaches. She is kind and generous with people and people trust her which is so important in teaching, especially in the arts.” Jan Valentin Saether

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"Drawing with Heather Williams is indeed a 'Sacred Activity.' Not only has she introduced me to the beautiful outdoors, but she has helped me to find beauty within. She has taught me a new way of seeing, thinking and drawing. She encourages all of her students to discover the inner spaces of their hearts and minds and to embark on a journey of self-discovery through art. I am grateful for Heather's positive and gentle inspiration. She awakens an artistic spirit in all those she encounters."
- Melody McCulloch


"Heather has worked with me for many years. She is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend her classes."
- Louise L. Hay
Author and Founder of Hay House Publishing


"Williams combines her natural teaching abilities (she’s a California high school instructor) with a lifetime devoted to art in this encouraging guide."
- Library Journal


Heather gives concrete and practical instruction in observational drawing, and techniques that helped me start drawing right away. There is no good or bad, but learning to really notice what your unique view is of the subject, and capture it using a few guidelines. Not only that-her approach made me think about perception itself!
- Camille Ventura
Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner


"I believe that Heather has developed a much needed art concept, that I would call a form of 'artivism'. Through this evocative learning process of drawing 'issues' that tug at our passions and by engaging in conversations about our 'artivism' work , I am learning about how we each can unleash unknown depths of many realities and not just our own. Art opens the doors for provocative and critical thinking. To expand what we learn to the outside of our classes is even more powerful , and spreads further awareness, discussions and understanding for change. Change is most effective when emerging from the swelling of people power."
- Jean Fisher


"Working with Heather was one of the best choices I ever made. She gave me permission to be an artist, and led me to see that I actually had artistic talent. She changed the course of my life and truly blessed it."
- Wendy Cicchetti


I joined Heather’s drawing class at the Vista Library. Heather is passionate about teaching and connects well with her students. She not only teaches us the basic skills of drawing but also encourages us to draw a little bit every day what we see around us and within us. It is a wonderful approach.
- Bin Crow


When I look at my drawings, I ask them what they are trying to show me. Maybe they are showing me how full and confusing and multi-directional my life feels right now! I read Heather's book from page 53 to 87 after I got home Saturday night. So many encouraging and engaging examples and exercises to do. It made me feel hopeful of getting more in touch with myself.
- Ann Force


Heather has encapsulated the illusive act of drawing with concepts that are easy to remember and use. I recite those concepts when I am struggling with an imagine then there it is! Heather is so encouraging and an inspiration to keep drawing. She truly makes it a sacred activity.
- Sylvia Rowley


I’ve participated in several of Heather’s classes and I am learning to let go of my own fears of drawing that demand perfectionist results My art is surreal and abstract. The ability to let go of the fear of perfection has opened greater understanding and acceptance of who I am. I have learned that, to me, perfection is a damaging control factor. What I draw reflects my reality and strengthens my confidence to be open with even more freedom in development of the surreal and abstract. Heather has opened a new and intriguing path for me. It is my decision to stay on this path. The excitement is the unknown with an open mind to the unknown.
- Jean Fisher


"The title of your book reminds me of one of the most increasingly important themes in my life now - seeking out the sacred in all. Each time I go back and read through your book I feel healed. There is a deep caring, honesty, and innocence - a sacred, respectful, and deeply honoring presence - all throughout.”
- Benjamin Long


"Heather is an excellent art teacher engaging the artistic talents of people of all ages. She provides instruction using great examples in the immediate environment and invites each student to reconnect with his or her innermost creative imagination."
- Dr. Joyce Bales
Superintendent Vista Unified School District 2006-2009.



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