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"Everyone is asleep on the threshold of a NEW MIND! We must Awaken!"  ~ Heather C. Williams, H.W.,M.

I invite you to come listen and explore the ideas I offer in my free, monthly talks about awakening to our innate CREATIVITY. Everyone, including YOU, is born as a creative Being with the MIND of an artist inside our hearts. Most people are simply unaware of their innate CREATIVITY. In our unaware state, our minds react mechanically, like machines and our lives are constructed by our cultural conditioning. 

QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF IN MOMENTS OF STRESS: Am I reacting to the world around me OR am I creating a new response to this situation? All people are reactionary until they do some WORK to AWAKEN to their True Identity.

There are  profound changes in consciousness that are required of all of us. As you know, our world is facing serious problems that only we can solve: climate change, income inequality, plastic in the oceans, loss of biodiversity, tribalism, ocean acidification and more! Today, technology is taking us into a brand new kind of world and, I believe, we all are called to engage the process of AWAKENING to our True Identity - Consciousness.

I have found that drawing a line on paper is an effective tool for any human being to begin the process of AWAKENING. Drawing also helps you become acquainted with your unique point of view. You really are the only one who sees this world through your eyes thus YOU have a responsibility to get to know how you see things.


2019 talks: (Second Sunday every month) 

Jan 13, Feb 10, March 10, April 14, May 12, June  9, July 14, August 11, Sept 15, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8  



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Heather’s 2019 talks on My Youtube Channel

Heather’s 2018 talks on The Prosperos School of Ontology - Audio Center


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