May 26
Observational Drawing – Portrait
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Observational Drawing – Portrait

Saturday, May 26, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Buena Creek Gardens

In this class we will focus on the human face. You can either bring a black and white photograph of yourself or someone you care about OR you can bring a mirror to draw a self portrait OR you can bring a friend who will happily sit still for you.

First we will review the 5 KEYS of Observational Drawing. Then, Heather will ask for a volunteer (or use a very large photograph) to demonstrate how to begin laying in the foundational elements for a portrait. Then you will be guided in a very uplifting experience.

Each human being is really a special universe of genetic design, memories, thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. We look at faces every day. (Doctors look at faces for signs of illness; anthropologist look for ancestral qualities; fashion designers look for trends; venture capitalists look for profit; criminals look for easy targets; teachers look to see if students are paying attention.) It is time to learn how to see a face without fear, agenda, old conditioning or judgement. The artist’s eye, in each of us, sees unconditionally. “The artist’s eye is the lens of my heart, open to the world which is fully alive.” ~ Frederick Franck

In this class you will practice focusing your attention on directions and intersections and putting judgments on the back burner of your mind. Drawing is a playful, safe, relevant and beautiful way to think differently and to look at life and other people in a new way. It is time to see other people as part of us. Drawing another’s face and suspending judgement can be very uplifting.

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