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Drawing by Heather C. Williams

Links to Friends

Jan Valentin Saether: Mr. Saether is a Master Narrative Painter living in Norway and France. I studied with him as his Apprentice, living with him and his family in Malibu for 5 years. Many of his paintings are displayed on this website. Jan Saether taught me that to draw what I see, I must see more abstractly. This supported my previous studies in Ontology and Consciousness.

Liv Saether: I enjoyed many walks on the private beaches of Malibu with Liv Saether in the 1980's. Since that time she has developed as a superior artist employing the techniques she learned with Jan Saether and launching out into her own unique expressions. Her still lifes and landscapes are gorgeous! She has opened a school in Costa Mesa.

Inger Hodgson (Sweden and California): Inger studied with Jan Saether also. Her focus is portraits. She uses the "Sight-Size Method" to create beautiful works of art cherished by families around the world. I lived in Inger's home in Malibu while she lived in Florence Italy for two years. And I stayed with her for several weeks when I visited Florence in 1984.

Ingrid Allen Portraits (California) When I moved to Malibu to live with Jan and Liv Saether, Ingrid was only 6 years old. She has grown into remarkable young woman and artist. Her portraits are wonderful.

Lucia Capacchione: Author and art therapist, Lucia created a certification program to teach and coach others in using her methods. Ms Capacchione has written many books on the therapy of drawing and journal writing. Her insights have been invaluable to many, many people. My publisher asked Lucia to read an advanced copy of my book and write something. She wrote a few complementary words that appear on the back of my book.

Wendy Cicchetti (Artist, Author, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master): Wendy began taking drawing lessons with me several years ago and has blossomed with amazingly beautiful color pencil drawings, primarily of nature scenes. I have experienced her astrological and Aura Soma readings and benefited greatly from her clear insights and generous sharing.

Mark Cicchetti (Web Designer, Teacher): Mark helped me create my website. He is a gentle, caring teacher who really listens and guides you into the technical language of pixels, style sheets, templates and more. Contact him if you are interested in creating your own website!

Links to Individuals and Art Organizations

Susan Sheridan: has done extensive research into drawing, focusing her investigation on the neurological, philosphical and psychological experiences in the human act of making meaningful marks. Her website generously offers up many pages of valuable insights, lesson plans, and new thoughts for all of us about the importance of drawing for all people and especially the value of drawing for the growing minds of our young people.

Dr. Betty Edwards: The author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards has enabled millions of people around the world to learn to draw. This website will introduce you to her teaching technique, a little of the theory behind it, to an exercise that demonstrates its effectiveness, and updated information about workshops and classes coming up.

Campaign for Drawing: This is an organization in England that has a simple but ambitious aim - to get everyone drawing. Their campaign was initiated in 2000 by The Guild of St George, a small charity founded by John Ruskin, the great Victorian artist, writer and visionary. Ruskin saw drawing as the foundation of visual thought. His mission was not to teach people how to draw, but how to see. Every year this organization takes over England having people from all walks of life use pencils, pens, wierd drawing instruments, and more in public spaces, historical landmarks, schools, libraries, leaving marks that make you laugh, cry, be amazed, have fun, enjoy life, and ask good questions. I am going to have a drawing campaign in Vista soon.

Art4Healing: Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc. was formally incorporated as a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency in November of 2000. Located in Laguna Niguel, California, this innovative organization offers unique classes and workshops that help children, teens and adults suffering from abuse, illness, grief or stress process their feelings using the venue of painting on canvas. It is only through the generosity of foundations, corporate and private donors that Art & Creativity for Healing continues to grow and flourish in its service to the community.

Touch Drawing: Deborah Koff-Chapin, is the founder of Touch Drawing. She leads The Center for Touch Drawing. Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process where the fingers take the place of pen or brush. Paper is placed over a freshly painted surface and, wherever it is touched, an imprint is made on the back side. Impulses from within take form on paper through the movement of the fingertips on the page. A multitude of drawings can be created in one session, each a stepping stone to the next; guiding progressively deeper into the self.

Links to Consciousness Organizations that inspire Creativity

The Prosperos: I joined The Prosperos in 1970 in San Francisco. I was looking for a Gurdjieff group. The founder of The Prosperos, Thane Walker, studied with Gurdjieff, and that was good enough for me. The name of the school derives from Shakespeare's play, The Tempest and functions in this symbolic way: Prospero, the lead character, symbolizes the conscious mind. When he is made aware of the unconscious, (symbolized by the monster Caliban), Prospero may integrate and resolve unconscious conflicts and contradictions with the help of Ariel, the "bright spirit" (supraconscious or intuitive level of mind). The tools, TRANSLATION and RELEASING THE HIDDEN SPLENDOUR provide the pathway for individuals to harmonize their own conscious, unconscious and supraconscious levels of Mind. I received my High Watch Mentorship Degree from this school in 1978. Thane died in 1989. In 2006 the school celebrated its 50th Jubilee Assembly in Ojai, California. Some students continue to teach Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendour. My intention is to offer these classes soon.

Jean Houston: Ms Houston is totally focusing her genius upon uplifting people to recognize the greatness within themselves. The one training that is most pertinent to artists is called: SOCIAL ARTISTS. Social artists are individuals who continually work on themselves so as to be humanly skilled to provide consultation, leadership, and guidance in a world that is constantly changing. It is certainly clear that we need new paradigms, new values, new legislation and new structures to accommodate the new energy emerging today.