Heather C. Williams
Artist Author Teacher

All people are sacred beings with a unique story. Here's mine!

When I was a teenager, I knew that my calling involved three things: Art (specifically drawing and painting), religion, (then I did not have the word for spirituality) and Psychology, (understanding the unconscious aspect of mind). I wanted to create art and teach from my deepest self, but I encountered a big problem. Art teachers do not teach religion or psychology. Religious teachers do not teach psychology or art. Psychology teachers do not teach art or religion. I did graduate with a degree in Art from the University of Wisconsin, and three teaching credentials from California State University, San Marcos, but, I was forced to explore education far beyond the accredited educational system.

My pathway included 12 years in The Prosperos, (a 4th Way School of Ontology) where I learned how to think along principled lines of thought. I also learned how to use my problems as opportunities to re-identify myself as Consciousness. I was an Artist's Apprentice for 5 years to Jan Valentin Saether (MasterPainter and Gnostic Priest). With Mr. Saether, I developed an understanding of the "alphabet" of the visual language,which I describe in my book, Drawing As a Sacred Activity. For 6 years I worked with Patricia Crane, PhD, as Associate Teacher for the Louise Hay International Teacher Training Program. In this endeavor, I explored the principle of Unconditional Love. In the midst of all this, I volunteered and worked paid assignments as an artist. For example, I facilitated thousands of painting and drawing workshops for all kinds of people. (University students, counselors, teachers,therapists, people living with aids, cancer, schizophrenia, eating disorders, manic depression, bipolar disorder, and bulemia.) I presented art experiences to people living with traumatic brain injury, homelessness, poverty, developmental disabilities, learning differences, alzheimers, teens in recovery from drugs and alcohol, and men and women incarcerated in jail. Indeed, all people are sacred beings with a unique story.

Presently, my journey takes me into the public school classroom. I have three credentials (Special Education, Multiple Subject and ART) all earned at California State University at San Marcos in my 50s. I have taught reading at the high school level for quite a few years. Now, I am teaching Math, Science, Social Studies (Special Education) and ART (general education) at a nearby middle school. My students are 6th, 7th and 8th graders. This is my journey at this time. Amazingly I LOVE it!


  • CSUSM, California State University San Marcos, Teaching Credentials that I hold include the following: Multiple Subject, Special Education-Level II, and a supplemental credential in Art 2004
  • UWO, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Bachelors Degree in Art 1970
  • The Prosperos School of Ontology, Ordination Degree High Watch Mentor 1978
  • Artist's Apprentice to Master-Painter, Jan Valentin Saether 1980 - 1985


  • Vista Unified School District (2001 - present) For two years I was a substitute teacher. During that time I taught ART at Guajome Park Academy for 6 months and English and Science at Vista High School for one year, plus many little jobs in a wide variety of classrooms. For three years I was a Special Education teacher at Vista High School. For three more years I was the Lindamood Bell Reading Intervention Specialist at an alternative school for 9th grade students. Now I am a Special Education teacher and the only ART teacher at Washington Middle School.
  • DrawingTogether: I founded this arts-based educational organization in 2000. I view my drawing and painting classes as opportunities for people of all ages to awaken the artist within. I employ Ontological principles as often as I can alongside basic drawing and painting techniques.
  • International Louise Hay Teacher Training (1995-2000) I was Associate Teacher under Patricia Crane in California, Virginia, Wisconsin, England, Italy, Canada and Australia. My part was to offer deeply therapeutic drawing exercises.
  • Artreach Milwaukee (25-year old non profit organization that brought the arts to people in institutions). (1990-1997) I facilitated drawing and painting classes to a wide variety of people such as teens living in detention facilities, people with aids, developmentally disabled, teens in transitional homes recovering from drugs and alcohol, homeless people, support groups for people with manic depression, bulemia, schizophrenia, traumatic head injuries, elderly people with Alzheimers, and poor people in the inner city. I created many art exhibitions for Artreach Milwaukee. Unfortunately they closed their doors in 1997.
  • Benedict Center (1994-1997) I was an art teacher in the Milwaukee County Jail through this 25-year old inter-faith advocacy organization for inmates and their families. I spearheaded art shows at the Milwaukee Art Museum presenting awesome artwork done by inmates.
  • I have exhibited my own work in more than 25 art shows in California and Wisconsin. My paintings and drawings are in private homes around the world.